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Category:  Aerial
Online Auction for Government Surplus - Auction Ends 11/21/18 - To view auction details go to www.govdeals.com and "Search For" 11560-15. Click the QAL box and then hit search.
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1995 Freightliner FLL086 CAB-OVER-ENGINE, 14.0L L6 DIESEL.

The odometer of the vehicle accurately records the true distance traveled by the vehicle – TRUE

This vehicle has sustained damages requiring repairs costing more than $2,000 - No

This vehicle has been used as an emergency vehicle -Yes

Removed from service - October 2018

Condition when removed from service - Starts & ran

Current condition - Starts & runs

Maintenance Schedule - Monthly - As required

Annual Inspection (while in service) - Yes

Fuel - Diesel

Engine model - Cummins N14-410E-2100RPM elec

Engine hours - 4876.6

Engine Mileage - 17,600kms

Fire Truck Manufacturer - Anderson Engineering

Transmission - Automatic

Drive-train - 2WD Tandem

Brakes - Air

Notable attachments - 5ft step, 10ft attic, 14ft roof, 26ft extension, 35ft extension

Notable body damage - None

Notable - None

Cracked glass - No

Known issues - None

Items NOT included with asset - SCBA and fire hose not included in sale

Exterior - Minor scratches present

Exterior - Corporate decals planned not to be removed, may negotiate - Impressions may remain

Overall Vehicle Length - 41ft 3 inches, Wheel base 237, height 11ft 9 inches

Aerial Ladder Bronto F91

Aerial Ladder length - 91 feet

Date of last Aerial ladder Certification Test - October 2017

Pump MFG - Hale QSMG150-23S

Pump size - 1250

Date of last pump Certification Test - Feb 2018

Tank size - 250

Tank type - Fiberglass

Number of discharges - 8

Number of intakes - 6

The asset is being sold as listed.
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Call for Price
Dealer Information:
Molly Nations
100 Capitol Commerce Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36117
800-613-0156 ext. 5
The AIRVAC 911 Engine Exhaust Removal System
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